Google Search API

Our Google Search API allows you to access the Search Engine Results Pages in real-time. Get started to scrape Google Search Results with our API for Free!!!

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Google Search API
Google Search Results

Get access to the latest Google Search Results API

Our API supports Google Search, News, Videos, and Reviews results. Get access to this data by using our fast and reliable API.

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Google Search Data
Google Search Filters

Filter your Search Results with various parameters.

Our Google Search API provides various parameters which allow you to filter your search results.

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Featured Snippets

Featured Snippets

Our API supports all advanced search snippets including knowledge graphs, answer box results, etc.

Our API returns real-time results immediately. We also support high concurrent requests on our API.

Results Based On Location

Results based on Location

We offer our customers, results based on location to get data from a particular country.

We provide various search parameters which allow you to filter your search results.

Scalable And Affordable

Scalable and Affordable

We offer very affordable prices in the industry, although scraping google is very expensive.

We also offer custom plan support to our customers on large amounts of requests.

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